The Alasitas Fair of Bolivia

The Alasitas Fair (Feria de la Alasita) is a month-long traditional fair which takes place in La Paz, Bolivia, starting in January 24th. It is celebrated in different regions all over the country, and in neighboring Peru. The word “Alasita” means “buy me” in aymara language. The principal activity is the selling of miniature items/sculptures representing Ekeko (the Aymara god of abundance), which are blessed and given as gifts to somebody else.  It is believed that if somebody gives a miniature version, the recipient will get the real object in the course of the following year, such as food, houses, cars, etc. The fair is placed in the center of the city, gathering approximately 5000 artisans. In 2017 the “Ritual journeys in La Paz during Alasita” were declared as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

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