Bosnian Day in Istanbul

Within the organization of  cultural seminar-workshop ” A Bosnian Day in Gökcan College with the co-operation of CIOFF® Youth Turkey, educational&folk dance committee of Baslıja visited Istanbul,Gokcan college to meet 400 children from age 5-15 to give educational and cultural workshops. Committee which consist of folk dance teachers and students prepared a ”Peace Wall” all together,  performed traditional dances together and cooked traditional foods of Bosnia and Turkey ! Teachers of Baslıja performed a wonderful traditional Bosnian Dance and they introduced they cultural elements and also they gave a seminar about the similarity of two languages. Our chairman Mr.Kağan Tiftik introduced CIOFF® and gave examples of Youth works that can be considered on education&children such as Coloring Books Project. Committee of Baslıja from Sarajevo appreciated all the works that been done for the cultures and peace and they expressed their willing to expose all works that been done by CIOFF® Youth in the schools in Bosnia.

#ShareCulture #ForLivingTraditions

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