Youth Exhitibion in Celje and Zalec, SLOVENIA

In Slovenia we had three different locations for the CIOFF exhibition of musical instruments, which was primary prepared by CIOFF Youth with the help of CIOF National sections. Two exhibitions were held last year, one of them was in 2020, as the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of CIOFF.

The first was last year in September and was organized by our member International folklore festival “Od Celja do Zalca”, which is held in towns Celje and Zalec. The exhibition was on three locations (music school, Zalec Inter-Municipal Public Library, Celje Museum of Recent History) in the time of the mentioned international folklore festival. The exhibition was held in slovenian, english, spanish and french language. About 100 children + their parents were exchanged daily at the music school; the exhibition was also included in the instruction of all the listeners with the professional guidance of teachers (ca. 450) of the Music school Zalec, the exhibition in the library was one of the activities of the library, the exhibition was in the atrium of the library, which means that every inbound person saw it, about 150 a day. The museum organizes daily visits, approximately 560 per day, which means at the same time as at least 500 students + parents of the exhibition visitors are disorganized every day. The purpose of the exhibition was to introduce the diversity of traditional instruments to schoolchildren with a focus on territorial and cultural differences between nations. This festival is primarily youth-oriented, so this kind of exhibition was very important to them.

The second one was our member International folklore festival “Days of National Costumes and Clothing Heritage Kamnik”, which is held each year in Kamnik. They prepared an exhibition as part of the 49th Days of National Costumes and Clothing Heritage in Kamnik between 23 August and 20 September 2019 and was attended by about 100 people a day. This festival is celebrating 50 years of work in 2020, just like CIOFF. Unfortunately, the organizers were, due the situation, forced to postpone the celebration to the next year, on the weekend between 10 and 12 September 2021. The organizers have been trying for many years in various ways to emphasize the importance of national costumes, its role in the development of national identity and the development of culture and national consciousness.

The third one was the exhibition held in year 2020 in the town of Trzic. The exhibition was prepared by our member Folklore group Karavanke Trzic. The exhibition also included musical folk instruments from different countries of the world, each with a photograph of the instrument and its description in three languages: English, Spanish and French. The organizer added a description in Slovenian language. They also provided video presentations of instruments displayed in the exhibition. The exhibition was enriched with one part dedicated to Slovenian musical heritage and was set in cooperation with the Trzic museum. At the opening of the exhibition there was a cultural event, where youth folklore group Karavanke and folk singers of folklore group Karavanke were presenting as well as two other interesting evening guests, two academic musicians, who presented the sounds of Irish flutes, bagpipes, didgeridoo and the sound of different whistles and realized that, among other things, they were very close to his oral harp and which this time was Slovenian made and therefore made of hornbeam.

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