CIOFF® Youth Participation in the UNESCO 14.COM

From 9 to 14 December the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage met in Bogota for their 14th meeting, the 14.COM
During those days, the ICH-NGO Forum, which CIOFF® belongs to, also met to discuss some of their projects and their role upon the Committee and the 2003 Convention. One of those projects is the publication “Live Heritage Series” which these year had its second edition under the “Traditional Food” item. CIOFF® was included in the book along with other 16 NGOs that shared their experiences from the field, with an article written by CIOFF® Youth led by Laura López, in that time Latin America and the Caribbean Youth Representative. The book was launched in 9th December in presence of NGOs and delegates of the meeting. Ms Laura López, now CIOFF® Youth Representative to UNESCO, made a presentation of the article highlighting the participation of youth in this and other CIOFF® activities as an example of youth role for ICH safeguarding. The article relates the link between traditional food and gender in the case of Festival de la Chicha (a fermented beverage made of corn, traditional in Colombia and other Andean countries) which takes place in Bogotá, showing the importance of both women and men in the safeguarding of a tradition. The presentation received good comments from different delegates and was held in presence of some CIOFF® delegates: Mr. Philippe Beaussant, Mr. Alejandro Camacho and Ms. Magdalena Tovornik; as well as CIOFF® Colombia delegates: Ms. María Claudia Berrocal, president, and Mr. Guillermo González, vicepresident. Thanks to all the youth who contributed to the article, as well as CIOFF® Colombia youth volunteers in Bogotá for their help to the Festival.

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Traditional Food: Sharing Experiences from the Field

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