Successful Annual Meeting from CIOFF® Youth Argentina

During 29th and 30th June the city of Rio Cuarto, Córdoba, hosted the Forum of Groups Directors and the CIOFF® Youth Argentina annual meeting. Representatives from 11 groups were part of the youth meeting and different discussions about activities, and different programs for CIOFF® Youth. Approximately 37 participants from all over the country had the opportunity to participate of this important meeting, which allows the Youth Commission to make decisions on its activities such as the Traditional Trades Program, Traditional Games Program, YCC activities, 49° Congress in Chile, “Werken Mapu” magazine, and different topics related to the Commission.
We want to give thanks to each participant for their disposition and interest in the saveguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage, and thanks to the hosting organization and hosting families for their contribution to the strengthening of CIOFF® Youth movement!   

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