Photo Exhibition in Colombia by CIOFF® Youth

The Traditional Instrumentos Photo Exhibition organized by CIOFF Youth has been going around different cities in Colombia during last 6 months, reaching hundreds of people from all ages. CIOFF Youth Colombia organized different cultural events along with the exhibition in order to show the public different colombian cultural expressions on Intagible Cultural Heritage.
The first exhibition, took place in Pereira, during the CIOFF Colombia 13° Youth Camp, where the participant youth had the opportunity to appreciate the work done by all CIOFF Youth Commissions. Youth from different parts of Colombia participated in the Camp, showed traditional dances from their regions and exchanged their experiences on the saverguarding of Colombian traditions.
After Youth Camp, the photo exhibition went on a tour around Antioquia department in alliance with Cultural Institutions in different municipalities. Youth delegates in Antioquia took the exhibition to Caldas municipality, La Estrella and Envigado. The exhibition had a good reception from locals and cultural authorities who, for example, asked for and additional week in Caldas.
Finally, last exhibition took place in Bucaramanga, where collaboration of youth delegate made possible to take the photos to Modern Art Museum which welcomed CIOFF Colombia with entusiasm and support for Intangible Cultural Heritage. The exhibition was available for one week and was inaugurated with a cultural event with traditional dances and music.


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