CIOFF® Indonesia National Section Annual Meeting 2017

CIOFF® Indonesia held its National Section Annual Meeting 2017, November 25, 2017, at an Indonesian cuisine restaurant called Jamuan Samudra.
There were more than 30 members of CIOFF® Indonesia came to the meeting, some of them are Steering Committee/Board of CIOFF® Indonesia. We discussed a lot about what we did in 2016-2017. Steering Committee prepared a report concerning CIOFF® Indonesia achievements in Public Relations, Marketing, Youth, including an explanation about the new YCC, etc. And while other members present a report of groups who joined CIOFF® Festivals, and also festivals held in Indonesia, such as festival at Surabaya, Tenggarong, and Polewali Mandar.
CIOFF® Indonesia hosted several public workshops on traditional dances of Indonesia at public space called Galeri Indonesia Kaya. These workshops were initiated by CIOFF® Indonesia Youth Section. Not only discussing reports, CIOFF® Indonesia President, Mr. Said Rachmat shared about work plan and future planning. To conclude the meeting, this year’s highlight was HOSTING 47th CIOFF® WORLD CONGRESS & YOUTH MEETING 2017. And to add an additional information, Mr. Said Rachmat was elected to be Asia & Pacific Sector Representative during the Congress. It was a very big event, who came out very successful. We are lucky to have such opportunity.
At the end of the meeting, CIOFF® Indonesia elected CIOFF® Indonesia Public Relations, Marketing, Youth Section, Festival Committee, General Affair, Sector Representative, etc for the period of 2017-2019.
Steering Committee:
– President: Mr. Said Rachmat
– General Secretary: Ms. Ayu Wiranti
– Treasury: Mrs. Ika Shanty
– Public Relations: Ms. Nur Kusuma Ngarasati
– Marketing: Ms. Almira Islamey
– Youth Section: Mrs. Citra Natasya

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